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Planets orbit the sun at diffrent distaces!!!

  Dear newspapper,

        You may know that planets have diffrent sizes and distances, but did you know that we can see mars and some other planets from Earth. we con only see them becaus there big and bright. you need a teleascope to see only three planets in are solar system and thay are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.  like the moon plantes can be seen from the reflection from the sun, planets do not give off sunlight of there one. objects in the solar system are all diffrent sizes and shape. An asteroid may be as small as a mountain, perhaps 1/1000 Earth’s diameters. Astronmers understand huge distances by comparing them with something more familiar. One astronomical unit, or AU, Earth distances from the sun is about 0.5 AU. the shape of each orbit is an ellipse-a flattened circle or oval.the planets orbit the Sun in smiller ways. their paths are almost in flat plane, like the rings of a target. Formation of the solar system, first it’s Nebula,2 is Disl,3 it’s the solar system.


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